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Preparing to Sell your Home

It takes a lot of mental and emotional preparation to sell and let go of a home you’ve grown to love, and the process of selling can be especially traumatic if you are still living in it.

You have to keep your home clean and tidy at all times in order to accommodate your realtor and any potential buyers.

Here are some sure-fire tips that will make your home more presentable to buyers, and also help you prepare to move into your new home.

Clear out clutter

If you haven’t used or touched it within the past year, toss it out. You can also donate unwanted items to charity via local thrift stores if they’re too good to throw out. Pack up things you plan to move with and store them out of sight. If necessary, rent a storage space.

While you’re cleaning out your home for buyers, pack up your personal photographs that are within view. They are distracting to potential buyers and this one thing will help them see the house as their potential home instead of yours.

Keep your kitchen squeaky clean

That means placing fresh flowers on your table, no dirty dishes in the sink, no junk on the counters, and no finger smudges around cabinet handles. Clean everything. Pack up everything except the bare essentials from the cabinets so that they are tidy too. If a prospective buyer opens a kitchen cabinet and sees too much stuff, they might get the impression that the kitchen is too small.

Keep all closets organizied and tidy

Packing your possessions little by little will make your final transition easier. Also buyers think a tidy home has been taken good care of. Lining up shoes, and group shirts, pants and dresses together in the closet, this can make a huge impact.

Sometimes the old adage “less is more” applies to furniture in your home. Move some things to storage if individual rooms are too busy.  It will make the rooms appear much larger.

Remove items that are not staying

If there are window blinds/curtains, light fixtures, appliances or other “attached” items that you plan to take with you, remove and/or replace them before showing your home so that potential buyers don’t get the impression that these items are included in the sale of the home.

Freshen up paint and make minor repairs

Things such as torn screens, cracked tiles and rotting windowsills before the realtor even puts the sign up. If the realtor sees potential problems like these, they might not make showing your home a priority.

If your daughter’s room is pink, or your living room is painted a dark bold color, consider repainting and choose a more neutral color, like beige or off-white.

Depersonalizing your home allows viewers to use their imaginations and visualize your home as their own. Don’t let buyers walk away remembering your home as “the one with the red living room”.

Lighting is very important

Make sure there all bulbs inside or outside your home work properly, and make sure you have the most complementary lighting on when your realtor brings over a potential buyer. Overhead lights show too many issues and flaws, but a soft lamp in a corner makes for a warm and cozy room.

Make all the beds

And make them properly. Don’t just toss the pillows on the bed; arrange them in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Make sure all mirrors, window glass, porcelain, faucets and appliances are clean and shiny!

Dust and vacuum

Every single area and surface, including baseboards (inside and out), ceiling fan blades, and carpet in the corners of stairs and rooms.

Choose a fresh scent

That doesn’t smell too much like bleach to clean tiles, tubs and toilets.

Small touches

Like pulling down all window blinds to the same level and making your front entrance inviting; this sets the tone for the way the rest of the house is viewed.

Outside is as important as inside

Mow the grass, trim bushes, and sweep away cobwebs, leaves, trash or other debris.

Purchase a few potted plants

And place them out front, or on the front steps. That one item makes a huge difference and adds that right touch of curb appeal.

Last but not least, do your own walk-through assuming that you are a prospective buyer. Note the things that would turn you off and then take care of them, right away.

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